Standard Session Rules

The Beekman session happens every Saturday from 3:30-6:30pm at the Beekman Pub, which is near City Hall in lower Manhattan.  The following primer outlines the conduct and comportment recommended for meritorious advancement: 

  1. Show respect by musicking to your highest standard.
  2. Phrasing, rhythm, and tempo are important. Make sure you’re in tune, in rhythm, and that you’re playing with an ear to how the music typically works.  "Faster" doesn't mean "better."
  3. Be social and enjoy a good chat.  Don’t interrupt a good chat with a tune, don’t disrupt a good tune with chat – neither is good. 
  4. No more than one harmony instrument (guitar/bouzouki/piano) and one bodhrán sitting in the circle at a time. Multiples of either should be prepared to take turns, unless. 
  5. A tastefully chosen song makes for a fine occasional diversion.
  6. The size of the session is limited to ten people.  This is a hard rule of the establishment!  If all the seats at the table are taken, the session is full.  Do not go and find a chair to add or play sitting at a different table.  This one is not about you, so don't take it personally. 
  7. Ask before sitting.  Don’t displace a regular if you’re brand new, don’t make a move on a seat that's been reserved, and do be ready to give up your seat if circumstances demand.  (Remember – giving up your seat is sometimes the right thing to do!) You should absolutely be ready to relinquish your seat if a great/important musician stops in, especially if s/he’s from out-of-town. These people usually won’t ask to sit, but I’ll definitely give them a seat and it'll likely be yours, so be prepared for the possibility.
  8. There's a good chance an eyebrow raised in your direction is consequential.  Take note and honor rule number one by making an adjustment.
  9. All complaints must be submitted in writing.  In triplicate.
  10. Tom Dunne may not always feel like sitting, but will be accommodated if he wants to.  This rule also applies to Donie Carroll and Mike Melanophy.